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Getting closer – with Speech Analytics

September 11, 2023

Understanding what it is about a conversation that makes customers behave more positively has a significant impact on business performance. When 1 500 agents perform more than 300 000 calls per day, across five countries, one needs state of the art technology to keep on top of agent performance and customer satisfaction.

As innovators in the credit industry, Nimble was one of the first South African companies to use Nexidia’s world leading Speech Analytics Software.

Well-trained, enthusiastic agents are the back bone of any high volume processing environment. Speech analytics converts millions of daily telephone conversations from unstructured data in the call centre into insights and opportunities that we can use to improve agent performance and customer experience. The ability to extract value from unstructured voice data is one of the booming disruptive technologies that we have fully committed to.

Customer insights

Speech analytics is no ‘magic bullet’, but more of a tool to conduct a little magic – used to sharpen entire customer management efforts. Instead of asking what to do with speech analytics, companies should be asking – what do they need to know about the conversations they’re having with their customers – what intelligence is there in those conversations and what’s the best way to acquire it. “That essentially is the magic of speech analytics – once you put it to work, it can make ‘customer centricity’ a reality,” says Ingrid de Leeuw at Nimble.

Advantages of using speech analytics

  • Compliance: Ensures agents adhere to call scripts and system usage.
  • Customer Service: A positive means of learning what delivers the best outcomes for clients.
  • Productivity: It’s an unmatched tool for delivering real on the job training to agents. It isolates exception quickly and comprehensively
    which facilitates quick improvement.
  • Risk: Speech analytics can identify high-risk calls. It can detect volatile conversations and react to key phrases which reflect dissatisfaction.

That’s the nature of disruptive technology.

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