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Mining for Insights

September 11, 2023

“Good day. You are through to Jackbee Nimble. Please be advised that this call is recorded for quality and legal purposes. Please also be aware that this call will undergo stringent analytics (also referred to as speech analytics or audio mining). Using a technology that recognises speech and converts it into data, this call will be structured so that the conversation can be analysed for insights. Nexidia Analytics with its
patented phonetic indexing and search technology will uncover hidden insights that are buried deep within the content of this call. Now sir, how may I assist you today?”

Our employees are realising that each of our 300 000 daily audio recordings, gathered from 6 branches in the Nimble Group, are proving to be valuable for a great deal more than quality and compliance purposes. Convinced that a major driver of customer behaviour is the conversation between the agent and customer, we constantly strive to better understand these conversations and discover what leads to a positive outcome.

Mining our call recordings enables us to detect trends and provides us with valuable insights and intelligence pertaining to our agents, customers and processes. This has a direct impact on business performance.

Failure to comply with industry and call centre regulations can result in fines and litigation. To ensure that agents are adhering to scripts we utilise speech analytics to listen for required wording and phrases. Non-compliance is then automatically reported.

A well trained and enthusiastic agent is a great asset to Nimble. In the past we had a rather crude quality assurance process, randomly picking calls for supervisors to evaluate. Now with 100% call coverage, Nexidia has empowered supervisors to pinpoint areas of weakness, such as negotiation skills, and provide targeted and individualised coaching sessions to the agents. By highlighting specific performance
components and call content, it also helps identify why top performers outperform their peers so that coaching can be built around these successful behaviours. The emphasis has changed from measuring compliance to actively using insights to deliver better outcomes.

We expected speech analytics to provide a mechanism to accurately and quickly trawl through our calls and help us identify key words and phrases, but a lot of intelligence has been gleaned from the non-speech data. Looking at call duration and non-talk time can be very revealing. Listening to calls that last over 150% of average call time and mining these for content has highlighted problems that we were not
previously aware of. We are also able to gather intelligence from the metadata that accompanies the calls, by for instance comparing the actual outcome of the call (wrap) with speech and non-speech data.

Speech Analytics is not a ‘magic bullet’, but it has become an invaluable tool for Nimble to boost agent performance, ensure compliance, mitigate risk, improve productivity and enhance our customers’ experience.

“Thank you for calling the Nimble Group. I trust that you are thoroughly satisfied that I have resolved your query to your satisfaction. I am
looking forward to mining this conversation for insightful nuggets that will further contribute to an enhanced experience. Goodbye”

Written by Ingrid de Leeuw – Executive

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