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Why work in the Credit Space?

September 11, 2023

All transactions are concluded either with cash or on credit. Credit has been around for hundreds of years – and will be here for hundreds of years to come.

We can’t say the same about many industries. How long has the iPhone been here? What will it look like in 10 years’ time? And by the way – do you remember that massive company called Nokia?

Money makes the world go round
The extension of credit and the recovery of money that is due to an organisation are often treated as a mundane back-office function. We view credit differently at Nimble. The management of credit is our life-blood. We do it for a living and we have transformed it from a back office function into a profit centre. We recognise that managing credit requires very particular skills – the ability to negotiate, the tenacity to stick with the challenge until the obstacles are resolved and the empathy to understand what the customers might be experiencing. That’s why we invest hours training our teams, and why we push boundaries -introducing pioneering technologies into our operations. And if you think Artificial Intelligence is about to swallow the need for people in call centres – it’s not. We already employ the world’s top speech analytics software – Nexidia – and it’s there to enhance interactions, speed up the coaching and learning process and increase accuracy and efficiency – not replace people.

Credit is as diverse as it is complicated. Managing a home loan is very different to managing corporate receivables. That’s why credit is so interesting and why there’s room to grow and acquire a range of skills. At Nimble, if you have the right raw material to offer; be sure that we want to work with that, hone it, grow it and move you around. This gives you the opportunity to develop, learn and stay stimulated.

Taking care of business
Our company encompasses many aspects of the Credit and Collections environment, included but not limited to Accounts Receivables Management / Business Process Outsourcing and External Debt Collection. Anyone interested in this diverse career path will need to possess strong critical thinking and decision making skills. Now throw in those investigative instincts as well as problem solving characteristics and negotiating skills. These behaviours help in aligning with Nimble’s aim to play a major role in maximising revenue and mitigating credit risk for clients.

Being Nimble
An ability to be Nimble and multi-faceted, to know your clients’ systems, policies and procedures is a must in this business. You have to acquire the experience to interact and work with customers in order to ensure that their needs are met, that their problems are addressed and that solutions are implemented. And, it never hurts to understand when it’s appropriate to renegotiate payment plans. The core of it all is to make that PTP (Promise to Pay) happen: collections, collections, collections!

The biggest benefit of making credit management a profit centre is that it is only natural that we incentivise our staff, recognise good performance and reward it. Sending people home with big commission cheques is one of the great pleasures that we have at Nimble.

Working as a Credit Controller
You will find many opportunities to improve your professional skills and you’ll learn a lot about the various in-house systems that our clients use, and get to work with Norman (Nimble’s very own debt collection management system). Different clients may bring different challenges, but they also bring varied knowledge of the credit control environment. It’s an interesting space to be in.

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